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Member Since: Sep 4, 2019

Last Posted Recipe: Oct 16, 2020

Vietnamese steamed layer cake

Banh da lon is a tasty dessert and very common in southern Vietnam. Banh da lon contains many thin and shining layers like pork skin so everyone call it banh la lon.


Vietnamese Bun Mam

Bun mam is a famous dish in southern Vietnam. This dish is made from vermicelli noodles and fermented fish paste.


Vietnamese honeycomb cake

Banh bo nuong (Vietnamese honeycomb cake) is a traditional cake in Vietnamese cuisine.


Vietnamese Bun Moc

Bun moc is one of the noodle soup originated from northern Vietnam. This soup has the name name “bun moc” because the main ingredient of bun moc recipe is made from raw ham paste.


Vietnamese Banh Bao

Banh bao (Vietnamese Steamed Pork Bun) is kind of dumplings common in VIetnam


Vietnamese Xoi Ga

Xoi Ga - Sticky rice served with shredded chicken is a popular dish for Vietnamese people


Vietnamese mung bean cake

Vietnamese mung bean cake (green bean cake) is one of the famous specialty of Hai Duong, a small province in the north of Vietnam


Vietnamese head cheese

Vietnamese head cheese is one of the traditional dishes of Vietnamese people. Vietnamese head cheese is made of parts of pig head such as ears, nose and tongue, combined with some spices.