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Submission Guidelines


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Here at dishfolio, we try to showcase the clearest, most beautiful and delicious-looking images of food possible. Because of this, there may be times when your image submissions get declined. We understand it's not fun to be rejected. But, please do not be discouraged. We have designed our site to help you get as many of your images published as possible. We even offer you tips and hints on how to improve your submissions so they get accepted.

Here are the top reasons why submissions get denied. If you receive this feedback on your submission and would like more clarification, please feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to help.  Also, please check out our Food Photography Tips reference pages for even more help on how to improve your photography skills.


1. Submission was posted in the wrong category: Pease only choose categories that apply to your specific post


2. Submission has no tags and/or tags are not appropriate: Please add keywords (tags) that are specific to your post. For example, meatloaf might have tags for beef, dinner, recipe, etc.


3. Description of the image is not clear: Please share a brief summary of what the image contains


4. Link does not work and/or link is not to specific post: We want you to get the credit for your submission. So, all submissions must (1) work and (2) link directly to the specific post being submitted


5. Image is not in submitted post: Please be sure the image you submit to our site is also in your blog post


6. Image is not yours: We hate it when people steal others' images, so please don't ever do this. If we find that the image you submitted is not yours to submit, we will remove the post immediately and place your account on suspension. If you notice your own image has been used without your permission by another user, please notify us immediately


7. Image does not meet dishfolio standards: We want to provide the most mouth-watering, delicious and beautiful photos of food possible. Because of this, submissions may be declined that are fuzzy, have harsh or dim lighting, poor composition, incorrect cropping, distracting text in the image, etc. Please do not be discouraged if you receive any of these reasons for why your photo was declined.  If you do receieve this feedback (or, even if you don't), please check out our Food Photography Tips page for lots of great information on how to improve your food photography.